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Learning Activities 

Fun Ways To Learn

  • Visit the library or bookstore. A trip to a library or bookstore can be fun and educational, especially if you take time to explain the different types of books and resources available. Encourage your child to explore his area of interest.
  • Time capsule. Gather everyday household items and put them in a shoebox or other container that you can seal. Help youth write a letter to themselves in the future explaining what these items mean to them and how they’re used.
  • Research family history. Encourage youth to use the Internet to research and record your family’s history.
  • Make a family tree. Children can create a family tree – either drawing it on paper or creating a three-dimensional ‘tree’ using coat hangers and photos to represent the different people in the family.
  • Paper book. Folding several sheets of paper in half and stapling them together creates a blank booklet for family members to use in creating their own paper books.
  • Family newsletter. Create a newsletter that includes important days, photos or stories from each family member’s week.
  • Milk-jug animal faces. Give everyone an empty, washed milk jug and colored markers, and let them create masks of their favorite animals.

Online Activities

  • Crossword or word search puzzles. Find these at Puzzle Choice.
  • Brain teasers. Check out logic games, puzzles, games and illusions at
  • Jigsaw puzzles. The has jigsaw puzzles and other online games.
  • Games and contests. Find these at, or Scholastic Kids.


  • Reading stories. Everyone enjoys reading – or hearing – a good story. Find a good book the whole family can enjoy and take turns reading aloud.
  • Dinnertime storytelling. Dinnertime conversation can be fun and entertaining by having a different family member tell a story each night.
  • Campfire stories. Turn the lights out, grab a flashlight and take turns telling scary stories.

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