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Just Add Family: Delicious Recipes for the Entire Family

In the last few decades, the dynamics of the American family have changed significantly, making cohesive family mealtimes infrequent, and in some cases, non-existent. The Family PLUS Cookbook, Just Add Family: Delicious Recipes for the Entire Family, was created to help bring young people and their families together for one of the most important family gatherings - dinner.

Just Add Family is a compilation of recipes and stories from Boys & Girls Clubs across the United States and on U.S. military bases around the world. Many dishes are family-favorite recipes made frequently by contributing Club members. Just Add Family seeks to bond young people and their family members, as they begin to incorporate dinner as a part of their daily routine, setting an example for future generations.

National Family PLUS Cook-off Video

Family PLUS Cook-off

To promote the cookbook and encourage families to cook together, BGCA and Kimberly-Clark held a series of Family PLUS Cook-offs across the country in 2008. Regional events were held in Atlanta, Minneapolis, MN, Garden Grove, Calif., Albany, N.Y. and Dallas. All the winners from the regional competitions were brought to Atlanta for the first-ever National Family PLUS Cook-off.

At the Cook-Off Championship, five teams engaged in an exciting cook-off. Each team included family members and a media representative. The teams were assigned to a cooking station – all stocked with the same ingredients. The object was for each team to use these ingredients to make the best mouth-watering dish.

The teams had one hour to prepare and cook their dish. A panel of judges sampled each team’s dish, with judging based on the presentation, taste and originality of the dish. The team with the most points was the Archer Family from Garden Grove, Calif. who took home the championship.

Family PLUS Cook-off Photos

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